5 New York City Highlights

New York is one of the greatest cities on the planet – here’s what to do on a trip to this fantastic place. There is nothing quite like the excitement of planning a trip to New York. The hardest part is knowing exactly how big a bite you will be able to take out of […]

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4 Best Cities in the World for Skateboarders

Venice Beach Los Angeles Skate Park

Some action sports enthusiast, spend a lot of their lives on skateboards. The Heroic Adventures team has collectively skated all over the world; it’s been a privilege to experience exotic urban landscapes while skating on multiple continents. What we’ve learned is this — not all places are created equal, especially when you are traveling as […]

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7 Best Secret Islands to Relax in Privacy

Islands have become one of the most celebrated places in the whole world. They are a favorite by people who find pleasure in having a cool place to spend their holidays. They have also proved to be the perfect destinations for enjoying a romantic holiday. However, not all Islands are capable of offering pleasure in […]

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Top Summertime Destinations You Can’t Miss

The United States has a lot of beautiful places to visit when the weather is warm. Summer always brings out the best in cities around the country. In this article you will learn about the best places to travel during summer. It’s a good thing to know where to travel during certain seasons. Miami Beach […]

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Bingo: A Way to Fight Boredom While Traveling

Cheeky Bingo

What do 15 hour flights, 4 hour bus rides and 2 hour train rides have in common? Without any entertainment, each form of traveling will get boring at some point. The demand for travel entertainment has sparked the interest of many companies as they now have a new target market to promote their products to, […]

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