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10 Intimidating Facts About Scaling the Seven Summits

Everest Header Image

If you don’t think you have the strength, willpower or mental fortitude to climb the highest peaks on every single continent, you’re not alone–only around 350 people, as of January 2012, have actually had the guts–and money–to accomplish this formidable task. Adding to the challenge is the fact that, depending on whom you talk to, […]

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How to Play Mahjong for Dummies: The #1 Basic Guide [Illustrated]

Mahjong for Dummies

To a viewer unfamiliar with mahjong, the game can present a bewildering spectacle, what with its walls of tiles, talk of prevailing winds and the constant clatter of pieces being discarded in turn by the four opposing players. Appearances, however, can be deceptive.

This quintessentially Chinese game is, in fact, very similar to a number of Western card games such as rummy. The goal in mahjong is to complete a set with your tiles similar to a poker or rummy hand.

Anyone used to card games where a winning hand consists of a straight flush or a full house can easily get their head around the basic rules of mahjong.

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Southeast Asia: A 6-Week Travel Itinerary

Wat Arun with boat speeding by in front

Southeast Asia is a vast region with varying cultures and customs.

Many backpackers visit Southeast Asia but they often find that it’s difficult to plan a trip that allows them to get the most out of their experience. Don’t let that be you.

Follow Heroic Adventure’s hand crafted six-week itinerary for maximizing your time in the region, highlighting key adventurous attractions and the reasons for exploring each destination.

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5 South Korea Attractions You Won’t Want to Miss

South Korean Attractions

Packed full of culture and history, South Korea is a must visit on any trip to East Asia.

Whether you want to visit its theme parks or delve into its military past, you are sure to find something that interests you.

Here’s  a look at some of the best things to see and do on your next trip to South Korea.

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10 Amazing South Korean Travel Destinations Outside Seoul

Sout Korean Travel

Many visitors to South Korea never make it beyond the capital city, Seoul.

This is a shame, because South Korea offers an impressive selection of unique travel destination.

Whether you’re looking for beaches, ski resorts, great food, history, culture or nightlife, there’s somewhere in South Korea for everyone.

Read on to discover 10 of the best South Korean travel destinations outside of the capital city.

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