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Five Major Benefits of Being a Digital Nomad

Benefits of the Digital Nomad Lifestyle

Remote working was virtually unheard of only a few decades ago. Having a full-time job usually meant working in the same place every day, with a fixed schedule and the same group of colleagues. With the internet having become more widespread, it is now much easier for people to work remotely. Over the past few […]

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Ayahuasca Tourism vs Tradition [Video]

Ayahuasca Tourism vs Tradition: Clashes in Culture

Notes on Ayahuasca Tourism vs Tradition: The Clash Between Western Psychonauts & Traditional Practitioners(Jerónimo M. Muñoz)From the 3rd Amazonian Shamanism Conference, Iquitos, Peru — 2007 The 45+ minute talk is a critique of what some call ‘New Age Plastic Shamans‘, and the interaction of different cultures and how they influence each other — taking focus […]

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Top Two Extreme Camping Experiences

Douglas Fir backdrop camping

Have you ever dreamed of camping in the treetops or pitching your tent high on a mountain cliff? Those risk-takers, who like to flirt with danger, thrive on such experiences. Extreme camping certainly isn’t for everyone, but this type of camping is becoming more common among those who love experiences that test their strength and […]

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Top 5 Cities to Live as a Digital Nomad

Digital Nomad on beach working

As the internet has given people the ability to work remotely, some have abandoned the old lifestyle of being tied to a place and 9-to-5 job. Digital nomads travel the world, working from places as diverse and bohemian as an internet cafe in Prague or a beach in Bali. Their geographically independent lifestyle lets them […]

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