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Handpresso Unbreakable Outdoor Espresso Cup Review [2-cup set]

Handpresso Unbreakable Outdoor Espresso Cup Review

The Handpresso Unbreakable Outdoor Espresso Cups are the perfect solution for a portable espresso set. They are made with durable, unbreakable clear hard plastic rather than glass, so they are lighter in weight, as well. The see-through design allows you to see your espresso as you pour it into the cup, which adds to the authentic espresso experience.

For anyone who likes to be outdoors but still prefers to have their espresso on-the-run, this is a great invention. Carry these convenient Handpresso cups in your backpack as you head up the mountain on a hike, knowing you’ll be able to enjoy a cup of espresso or an excellent hot cappuccino in a nifty cup when you get to the top!

One of the best things about these espresso cups is that they are made with thermal insulation that keeps your coffee hot. This is a “must” if you are an espresso lover. Who likes their coffee cold?

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