Overhead DVD Player Adventures

Xtrons Car DVD

TV and movies are often equated with being in the comfort of your home or a local movie theatre.

With an in-car drop down media player you can watch movies wherever you are and you can fit them into your adventures.

Going on camping trips in the middle of nowhere with friends and family can sometimes take you out of your comfort zone a little more than you would like.

If you’re the type who likes to stay near the car while still enjoying everything nature has to offer, then you are lucky enough to bring along your own entertainment system.

When everyone is ready to start settling down from the days adventures you can pop a DVD into your car’s video system for everyone to enjoy. The screen won’t be too small when you have the CR1502 installed because it has a 15” screen and a builtin speaker and memory storage for having your movies with you on the go. All of Xtrons other options also range from sizes over 10” with HD screens that play movies and games.

Make roughing it a little bit easier with your overhead DVD roof mounted media system.

Overhead DVD Player

Xtrons CR1502 perfect for any adventure.


If overnight trips aren’t your thing, Xtrons’ overhead players can also handle any day adventures you may take that go off the beaten path.

The CR1502 has a super strong electronic anti-shock feature that will allow your DVD player to survive through your off-roading adventures or anywhere that the road is a little rocky.

Another option is the CR103HD overhead player that comes with a powerful magnetic adsorption system, preventing it from falling down while you traverse any rough terrain. A drive in a sandy area, through mud or snow, or across a rocky or gravel road on your way to your destination is made easier without having to worry about any of your car accessories.

Where to Buy Xtrons Car DVD, Roof Mounted

Purchase Online
2 Year Warranty
Xtrons EuropeYes
Xtrons North AmericaYes

For those who don’t find themselves going on adventures that often there is another option.

The CR113 is a great choice for people who don’t use their car very often but still would like some entertainment during those occasional trips. This overhead unit doesn’t use up any electrical current when it is turned off, allowing you to leave it in your car for up to a month without running out of electricity. You can leave this player without any worries and it will be there waiting for you when you need it.

DVD players for cars can fit into any kind of lifestyle; you don’t need to limit yourself because there is a portable car DVD system that will fit all of your needs.

Finding the one that fits you can enhance all of your future adventures, and bring a new element to your entertainment wherever you may go.

Go exploring and bring some of the comforts of home with you.



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Overhead DVD Player Adventures

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